Once upon a time there was a boy.

The boy was a very shy boy.
He would only speak to his own mother and was always hiding behind her legs.
He was a quiet but happy boy.

When he was 6 years old, he started going to school, just like any other boy.

The boy liked school and he was the best in class in math. He would always solve the problems before anyone else.

The boy was also rather peculiar. 
He didn’t like using the school bathrooms so he would always wait until he got home to do his business.

One day, a few hours after lunch time, the boy started to have stomach pains.
He started crying while he was sitting by his wooden desk.
The teacher tried to ask him what the problem was but he wouldn’t say anything. He just continued crying.

So the teacher called his parents and the boy’s father rushed him to the hospital.

At the hospital the doctor tried to find out what the problem was but the boy didn’t talk. 
The doctor asked him to point if he was having pain and the boy pointed towards his tummy.

They decided to remove the boy’s appendix.

A few weeks later the parents got a letter from the hospital.
The letter said “We are sorry to inform you that there wasn’t anything wrong with your son’s appendix and it was removed in error”.

The boy now has a big scar on his tummy.

I don’t want anyone to feel the discomfort this boy felt. That’s why I created Loodio.

Company details

Loodio AB is company from Sweden with the goal to provide bathroom privacy to the whole world

Loodio AB

Drottninggatan 29

411 14 Gothenburg, Sweden

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