Bathroom Privacy. Finally.

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(Psst! At night I will be quiet and turn on my night lights instead to help you see in dark.)

Hi, I'm Loodio.

Loodio will automatically play music whenever you enter the bathroom, to ensure discretion for your most private moments.
When you leave, it turns off.

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3 Main Features

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Music in the bathroom

A motion detector detects when someone enters the bathroom. Loodio then starts playing pleasant music during the visit. The music stops playing shortly after the person exits the bathroom.

Loodio plays music from FM-radio or pre-installed Lounge music.

Works right out of the box.

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Night lights

Turning on the ceiling lights in the bathroom during nightly visits can be irritating and wakes you up.

Loodio won't play music during night, but will instead turn on warm night lights.

This helps you find your way in the bathroom and makes sure you're still sleepy after your midnight visit.

Clock Symbol
Keep track of time

I need to catch the 09:00 bus

Loodio has a display that always shows you time and date when
you look at it.

Now you know when you have to leave the house in the morning to catch that class or meeting.

Made for Bathrooms

We wanted to make Loodio fit perfectly in your bathroom without dissenting from the bathroom interior.

The form factor is a golden rectangle that measures 130x80x80mm making it a pleasure to look at.

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