Software Update 1.2 - Radio, Webapp and Weather

Software Update 1.2 - Radio, Webapp and Weather

--- We are updating all Loodio units tonight! ---

For this update to be able to install, you need to have configured Loodio with the correct WiFi-settings when you installed the unit first time.
If your unit doesn't update, please contact us. There is a secret button to factory reset Loodio. (A factory reset won't delete any music uploaded)

New things:

_Hold_ Bluetooth button a few seconds to open a settings menu. This is a simple menu where you can change a few settings of Loodio. Navigate up and down with the volume buttons, and "next song" acts as Enter. Bluetooth button exits menu.
Read below for more settings.

Loodio now has a web app that makes it easier to change settings. Press the Bluetooth button once, then go to your browser and enter "http://loodio.local:3000" and you should see it.
It should look like this:
Press Bluetooth again to exit.

One of the first customers of Loodio helped out with building the Webapp. Mr Tadeausz. Please blame him if anything is wrong. Just kidding, I am immensely grateful for the nice App he made!

Loodio automatic internet radio

Loodio finally has a feature that I always wanted myself, which is Internet Radio. You can enable it in the Webapp described above. You have 6 channels to choose from with different genres. When you click on Next Song it will change channel.
I like this a lot since I got tired of the same music over and over. I wanted to launch this from the beginning but had problems, but it's now here.

Last big feature which I also like a lot, since Sweden is a country where you have no idea if it's a snowstorm or desert heat any part of the year.
That is why Loodio now has a Weather feature. It only shows 2 things. The temperature outside, and if it will rain during the day. It will download weather updates based on your IP address.
It shows the weather on the display everytime it senses someone in the room, but only once per minute so it won't be disturbing. And it updates the weather every hour.


  • When you see a "network icon" it means Loodio is connected to the internet in some way. For example when Internet Radio is playing you will see this. Or when it's downloading weather updates.
  • After this release, we will focus on perfecting the existing features, not adding anything else. If you have a good idea of what should be added, please reach out.
  • Security update: Even though your Wi-Fi is on when for example Internet Radio is playing, nobody can connect to your Loodio because we close all ports on the device. For developers: SSH is only enabled in Bluetooth mode.
  • One user wanted the ability to only play waterfall sound, so that feature was added too.
  • If you have edited your config file on the unit, you will need to make changes again. Most of them can be edited in the new webapp.

Future updates:
Ability to change fonts for the clock
Make the volume changer faster for Internet Radio
Ability to upload music in the webapp
Ability to add youtube videos to your Loodio playlist
If you for example press a lot of buttons and do many different things at the same time, Loodio will go bonkers. We will address this later. So please be gentle with it for now. It's still a baby.

The more you complain, the faster I will work. So let me know of any issues of feature requests.

Next step for Loodio company is to make Loodio better and cheaper. We want to place a Loodio in every bathroom in the world. Period.
1.7 billion left to go, minus 30.

Loodio will autoupdate at 4:30 during night.
Let me know what you think by sending us a message from our contact page!

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