Loodio - A Smart Bathroom Privacy Device


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Please note: Loodio requires a wall plug in your bathroom


Hide your bathroom noises in the most elegant way with Loodio

(Prototype Version 8.0)

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This is Loodio. A bathroom privacy device made in Sweden. 


How it works 💡

Loodio has a motion detector that will detect when someone enters the bathroom.
Loodio will then start playing relaxing music and ambient sounds during your visit. 
The music hides the noises a bathroom visitor makes so that you can relax in the bathroom knowing nobody will hear your private session.

When you leave the bathroom the music will stop playing.

It's that simple.

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Teknikveckan.se gives Loodio:
4 of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (2023-01-25)

Full Review: https://teknikveckan.se/loodio-en-skitbra-losning-pa-toalettproblemet




loodio logo

 Demo Video



Version 7.1
This  version of Loodio has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
You can now upload your own music wirelessly or use Loodio as a bluetooth speaker.

Current: Version 8.0

Loodio now supports internet radio



Feature Information

📁 Upload your own music

One of the ways Loodio plays music is from it's pre-installed Lounge music.  But you can also upload your own MP3 files wirelessly! 

This means you can adjust music for every occasion or mood you want your visitors to feel.

🔵 Bluetooth

Loodio also has Bluetooth!

That means you can connect it to your phone and use it as a bluetooth speaker. 

Nice if you want to listen to podcasts during longer bathroom visits. Or if you want to pump yourself up before hitting that party.

🧳 Travel Friendly  

Loodio is portable and we recommend you bring it with you on your vacation for small hotel rooms, cabins or cottages. Perhaps on a boat.



🌊 Relaxing Mood Sounds  

Loodio comes with several different background ambience sounds that can be played alone or together with your music.

You can choose between 4 different sounds; Northern WaterfallTropical Rain, Rippling Stream and Natural Faucet Water

Our self-developed soundmixer will allow you to easily adjust the volumes of the different sound sources to find the perfect balance between music and relaxing background sounds.

📟 Backlit Display

Time is your most valuable thing. 

Loodio will always show you the time with it's backlit display. 

It also shows you the day of the week and date. 

(More features coming to this in a later update, like showing the temperature outside and if you need a umbrella before you leave your home)

💡 Night Lights  

When you visit your bathroom during night and switch on the ceiling lights, you disturb the body's natural melatonin production. 

This makes you feel awake.

That is why we added one night light on each side of Loodio that has filtered out blue light.

Read more about the science behind blue light here.


 Nightvision Motion Detector  

The motion detector in Loodio also works at night. 


♻️ Eco-Friendly  

Loodio will be manufactured in fiberglass which is sturdy and has a low carbon footprint.

Check out our water waste calculation to find more information how Loodio can reduce water waste and save money.

🔊 Full Spectrum Sound  

The current version has a powerful mono speaker as well as double the amplifier output.

We will guarantee you a great sound that covers the whole sound spectrum.

It's power will be comparable to a good Bluetooth speaker.

 4 High Friction Slippers  

Located under Loodio you will find 4 rubber pads made of high friction rubber that makes sure Loodio stays stable on most surfaces, including porcelain (the material the bathroom sink is made of).


🇸🇪 Swedish Design  

Loodio is designed and assembled in Sweden.




🔈 Playmodes  


We realized that a lot of the times you don't want to hear music.
And sometimes you never want it to stop. 

Loodio has four different play modes to handle these situations. 

This will make Loodio play only when you want it to.







Design Thinking


Loodio is designed as a soap dispenser. 

This form factor makes sure Loodio fits almost any bathroom basin.




8 x 8 x 13cm (3.15” x 3.15” x 5.2”) 




The cuboid form factor stabilizes downward button presses on the top of the unit. 
Loodio has the dimensions 8x8x13cm and has the ratio of a golden rectangle making it a pleasure to look at.




It's costly and environmentally wasteful to run the tap water in the bathroom.

Below you will find a calculation for how much money can be saved on water waste.










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